“Finally, the shower works with good water pressure and savings in power consumption is around 70$ a month”
Cheers Kai
“Must say we’re VERY impressed with how quiet the unit (AQ275LE Outdoor model) is.”
“Really happy with the Aquarian Heat Pump Water Heater. Great water pressure and lots of hot water from the 275 litre tank. Whilst still early days, it appears that despite the new house being double the size, our overall energy bill appears to be 25-30% lower.”
“We have had our Aquarian water system for a year now! It works great! With constant hot water supply, a 270 litre cylinder, that’s an additional 90 litres to our previous HWC. We have doubled the size of our house yet electricity bill remains the same if not lower.

We are saving between $50 and $100 per month! We are very happy with our new all-in-one Aquarian Heat Pump Water Heater and would highly recommend to anyone.”
Tanya MCabe

“We are extremely happy with our Aquarian heat pump water heater and would certainly recommend it to other home owners. The Aquarian compliments the other low energy design aspects of our home. Our new home is over three times the size of our previous dwelling and yet our power bills are far less. We now enjoy the whole house being heated throughout and an abundance of hot water.”
Regards, Steve Kershaw
“We are very happy with our Aquarian Heat Pump Water Heater installation. The water temperature has been very constant and we are saving between $40 and $50 per month”
Thanks, Russell
“As a builder, I did a great deal of research into what would reduce the “cost to run’ of my home, this would be the point of difference between my house and others that looked the same but performed very differently over the life of the dwelling.

Our family of five (including 2 teenagers) have occupied our beautiful new home for 9 months now and our choice of an Aquarian Heat Pump hot water cylinder was been well vindicated utilising the verified efficiency of the heat pump technology for our hot water needs.”

Awesome, so pleased with it.
Antony Oosten AQ275LE
We are saving between $80-$100 per month! We are very happy with our new all-in-one Aquarian Heat Pump Water.
Bryan Tourell
Hi, Just wanted to tell you that the (AQ275LE) hot water tank is up and running perfectly. There’s lots of hot water & pressure.
Best, Tom
Thanks, I knew you had it all in hand with your great service
Erich W
Hi, I would absolutely recommend The Aquarian Heat pump water heater (AQ170L) The family is happy and most of all excellent energy saver At least 15 to 20% power reduced since we installed the unit A huge difference
Cheers, Bert
Hi, Thank you for the follow up email. I appreciate your service. Yes we have had enough information from you and our other research.
Thanks again, it has been an informative and easy to understand process.
Kind regards, Hayden
Really happy with the performance. it is part of an overall energy efficiency upgrade that includes LED lights and insulation. We would like to put in solar power too at some stage.
Kay Aish
Hi, I appreciate your continuing interest in your product and would be happy to confirm results with a testimonial later.
Regards, Peter
EA and the team have been brilliant to deal with. The unit is very tidy and already saving us money in just a short period of time. We’re using solar power into the grid and instillation of our Aquarian Heat Pump Water Heater has made the biggest difference in our power bill to date. We’re really happy.
Pete Taylor
Thanks very much for your help! So refreshing to get some great service!
I’m fairly new to converting Baches to homes so appreciate your advice.