Aquarian 170L Retrofit Heat Pump Water Heater

Aquarian 170L Retrofit Heat Pump Water Heater

Combining high efficiency and durability, the Aquarian 170L Retrofit all-in-one heat pump water heater is ideal for new builds and retrofit to existing homes.

Custom designed to give kiwi families the optimal balance between size and performance, the new Aquarian 170L Retrofit Heat Pump Water Heater fits easily into most homes.

At just 568mm wide, this space-saving, new addition to the Aquarian range provides outstanding value for low to medium hot water users, such as families of up to five people.

Operating at about a third the cost of conventional water heating systems, the Aquarian 170L is capable of quick recovery and keeps the hot water flowing even at busy times in the bathroom.

The durable stainless steel construction & quality installation is backed by Energy Alternatives’ 10 year tank and 6 year heat pump Limited Warranty.

Whether you’re renovating or not, an Aquarian Heat Pump Water Heater can cut the cost of your hot water and save on your power bills.

Custom designed durability and manufactured under strict quality control supervision, the AQ170L is priced to provide an affordable water heating solution for retrofitting, renovating and in new homes across New Zealand.


  • Class A – low temperature operation
  • Durable stainless steel tank
  • Designed for retrofitting to existing New Zealand homes
  • Easy to use program features for multiple operation times
  • Designed for internal use – extremely quiet running
  • Suitable for all but the harshest New Zealand conditions
  • Suitable for up to 5 person families

Aquarian 170L Retrofit

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Ideal for new builds or buildings with room to retrofit, the Aquarian 170L Heat Pump Water Heater can be installed inside buildings or underneath on a concrete pad.


  • Designed to work with intake air temperatures from 0°C to 35°C
  • Air sourced from either ambient or ducted ceiling space
  • Ensure air intake and outlet is to and from well ventilated spaces or minimum 28m3 volume


StandardTested to EN16147
HP input power range0.6-1.4 kW
Power supply220V/50Hz
Output power3 kW at 20°
Output water temperature55°C
COP at dry bulb 20°C (EN255-3)COP 4.18
COP at dry bulb 7°C (EN255-3)COP 2.56
Electric heater current8.3 Amps
Material of exterior/tankStainless steel (sus304)
Dimensions height1670mm
Dimensions width568mm
Maximum input power3.6 kW
Net weight90kg
Noise levelsuper quiet – external fan option