About Aquarians

About Aquarians

Benefit from the newest game changing technology, durability, affordable pricing and ongoing savings. Save at least 65% on water heating* with an Aquarian heat pump water heater.

Water heating accounts for the biggest chunk of power consumption in the average kiwi home. Aquarians provide a fast pay-back, and lower bills from day one.

  • Aquarians use less energy than standard electric hot water cylinders
  • Aquarians are efficient in average daily temperatures as low as 6°C and can produce hot water in all weather conditions, even at night
  • Aquarians can work in homes with minimal sun that are not suitable for solar
  • If night-rate electricity is available Aquarians can be set to take advantage of the cheaper power rates
  • Aquarians have real-time controls so the unit can be set to operate during the day, taking advantage of the higher air temperature and ensuring quieter operation at night
  • Aquarians have automatic controls which ensure they operate in the most efficient mode to meet your household’s hot water demands
  • Installing an Aquarian may take the homeowner to a Low User Electricity tariff

Aquarian heat pump water heaters create nearly three times as much energy for water heating as they use, and as a result produce lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions than other electricity-based water heating such as hot water cylinders.

Durable heat pump water heater stainless steel tank construction and high quality installation is backed by Energy Alternative’s 10 year tank and 6 year heat pump Limited Warranty. Aquarian heat pump water heaters are tested to EN16147 standard.

You can view a list of reputable independent sites with information on water heating heat pumps here.

The Aquarian range is the financial game changer for water heating systems


product 275L

Aquarian 275L Outdoor

The Aquarian 275L Outdoor Heat Pump Water Heater delivers excellent value and savings for 4-9 person homes.

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Aquarian 250L Indoor

The Aquarian 250L Heat Pump Water Heater provides outstanding value for medium to high hot water users.

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Aquarian 170L Retrofit

The Aquarian 170L Retrofit Heat Pump Water Heater fits easily into most homes, offering compact size and high efficiency.

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* When compared to a traditional electric water heater and families of 4 or more persons