Why heat pump water heaters

Why heat pump water heaters

Aquarians provide a fast pay-back, and lower bills from day one

Our all-in-one Aquarian Hot Water Heat Pumps provide outstanding savings for medium to large hot water users (generally homes with four or more people). Priced affordably and operating at about a third the cost of conventional water heating systems, the Aquarian is capable of quick recovery for periods of high water use. With custom designed stainless steel durability and strict quality control, Aquarian heat pump water heaters are priced to provide an affordable solution for NZ home water heating.

How hot water heat pumps work

Heat pump water heaters are a highly efficient method of water heating and offer the most efficient electricity-based option, as they only use electricity to move heat, rather than to generate it.  Heat pump water heaters are much more energy efficient than traditional electric or gas water heaters, and provide quicker returns on your investment.

Heat pump water heaters use energy from the ambient air temperatures (like a ceiling space, under house area, garage or outdoors) to heat water, which is stored in an insulated hot water tank. Our highly efficient water heaters use the same technology to heat water as is used by heat pumps for space heating to heat rooms.

Fast-track payback with a solar combo

Aquarian Heat Pump Water Heaters are the ideal complement to Solar PV systems.   The Heat Pump Water Heater can act as a battery for the Solar PV system, with the potential to dramatically improve the payback time on PV installation for customers, reducing reliance on power company feed-in tariff rates.

The Aquarian can absorb solar electricity generated during the day, storing it as hot water for when it’s needed, and minimising how much top-up power a home needs to buy in peak times, when power companies charge the most.  Customers can also combine this set up with a low-user power tariff, to greatly reduce their daily fixed charges.

This approach can transform the payback period for solar installation, without depending on power companies willingness to pay for any excess generation.

High efficiency, with low emissions

Our Aquarian heat pump water heaters have a minimum coefficient of performance (COP) of 2.56 – 2.86, which means they create nearly three times as much energy for water heating as they use.

This energy efficiency means lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions are produced than by other electricity-based water heating. An Aquarian hot water heat pump will lower your annual household CO2 emissions by 694kg -1364kg compared to a standard HWC.

All-in-one heat pump water heaters

Our Aquarian Hot heat pump water heaters are all-in-one water heating systems. Aquarians can be installed into your new home or in many homes they can be retrofitted to replace your existing electric hot water heater. All-in-one units have the compressor and tank together and the whole Aquarian 170L Retrofit can be installed into most existing hot water cylinder cupboards.

Useful sites for information on heat pump water heaters

Read about your options for reducing your power bill by choosing an efficient hot water system and cutting down on wasted water: www.smarterhomes.org.nz
See what EECA says about hot water heat pumps: www.energywise.govt.nz
The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment provides information on heat pump water heaters here: www.dbh.govt.nz
Find general information on heat pumping technology and why this technology is beneficial, how it works and different types of heat pumps here: www.heatpumpcentre.org